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Judicial Retention Evaluation 2020


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Supreme Court:

Supreme Court Justice Susan M. Carney

Court of Appeals:

Court of Appeals Judge Tracey Wollenberg

First Judicial District:

No First Judicial District Judges are eligible for retention in 2020

Second Judicial District:

Superior Court Judge Romano D. DiBenedetto - Nome

Superior Court Judge Paul A. Roetman - Kotzebue

Third Judicial District:

Superior Court Judge Dani Crosby - Anchorage

Superior Court Judge Andrew Guidi - Anchorage

Superior Court Judge Jennifer S. Henderson - Anchorage

Superior Court Judge Yvonne Lamoureux - Anchorage

Superior Court Judge Gregory Miller - Anchorage

Superior Court Judge Christina Reigh - Dillingham

Superior Court Judge Jennifer K. Wells - Kenai

Superior Court Judge Jonathan A. Woodman - Palmer

District Court Judge Leslie Dickson - Anchorage

District Court Judge Michael Franciosi - Anchorage

District Court Judge J. Patrick Hanley - Anchorage

District Court Judge Michael Logue - Anchorage

District Court Judge Kari L. McCrea - Anchorage

District Court Judge David R. Wallace - Anchorage

District Court Judge Pamela S. Washington - Anchorage

Fourth Judicial District:

Superior Court Judge Nathaniel Peters - Bethel

District Court Judge Matthew Christian- Fairbanks

District Court Judge William T. Montgomery - Bethel

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