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Current Judicial Vacancies

**COVID-19 Update**

In light of the World Health Organization’s declaration of a COVID-19 global pandemic, and Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s Emergency Order EO-03 requiring Anchorage residents to stay at home as much as possible, the Alaska Judicial Council’s physical office will be closed or minimally staffed until further notice.

To reach Council staff, please call 279-2526 and leave a message if a live person is not available to answer. Staff working remotely will try to respond to voicemails within 24 hours during business days. The Council will continue to accept and respond to email communications at postmaster@ajc.state.ak.us.

We appreciate your patience as we take measures to safeguard the health and safety of the public and staff.

Alaska Court of Appeals


Brooke Berens
Trisha Haines
Ben Hofmeister
Paul J. Miovas, Jr.
Chris Peloso
David L. Roghair
Kevin M. Saxby
Michal Stryszak
Timothy W. Terrell


*Important Dates:

Application Deadline - July 10, 2020 @ 3pm
Survey Deadline - August 10, 2020
Meeting Dates - November 16-20, 2020 (tentative)
Public Hearing - TBA
Public Vote - TBA



Fairbanks District Court


Andrew Patrick Baldock
JB Brainerd
Heather M. Brown (withdrew)
David Eugene Buettner
Jennifer Page Hite
Tom V. Jamgochian (appointed to Palmer District Court)
Mike Kenna (withdrew)
Sandra K. Rolfe (withdrew)
Spenser J. Ruppert (withdrew)
Kirk Schwalm
Amy J. Tallerico
John Foster Wallace (withdrew)


*Important Dates:

Application Deadline - April 3, 2020 @ 3pm
Survey Deadline - May 4, 2020
Meeting Dates - August 18-19, 2020
Public Hearing - August 18 @ 11:30am
Public Vote - August 19 @ 11:30am



Alaska Supreme Court & Palmer District Court

Alaska Supreme Court Applicants:

Dario Borghesan (Appointed); Biographical Statement

Dani Crosby (Nominated); Biographical Statement

Kate Demarest

Jennifer Stuart Henderson (Nominated); Biographical Statement

Yvonne Lamoureux (Nominated); Biographical Statement

Margaret Paton Walsh

Paul A. Roetman

Jonathan A. Woodman


Palmer District Court Applicants:

Craig S. Condie (Nominated); Biographical Statement

Tom V. Jamgochian (Appointed); Biographical Statement

Eric Senta


*Important Dates:

Application Deadline - February 14, 2020 @ 3pm
Survey Deadline - March 16, 2020
Meeting Dates - May 17-20, 2020
Supreme Court Public Hearing - May 18 @ 12pm
Supreme Court Public Vote - May 19
Palmer District Court Public Hearing - May 20 @ 12pm
Palmer District Court Public Vote - May 20



Current Biographical Statements

Biographical Statements Submitted by Fairbanks District Court Applicants and Alaska Court of Appeals Applicants

Historical Selection Log

Historical Selection Log Page or (.pdf)

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