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Paul A. Roetman

Kotzebue Superior Court | Second Judicial District

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Justice System Professionals Survey Ratings for Judge Paul A. Roetman

Judge Roetman was appointed to the Kotzebue Superior Court in July of 2010. This is his second retention evaluation. Judge Roetman handles both civil and criminal cases.

Performance Summary

After conducting its performance review, the Judicial Council determined that Judge Roetman met or exceeded performance standards on all criteria, including legal ability, integrity, impartiality/fairness, temperament, diligence, and administrative skills.

The Council also determined that Judge Roetman met or exceeded educational requirements set by the Alaska Supreme Court.

Because Judge Roetman met or exceeded all performance and professional development standards, the Alaska Judicial Council recommends a “yes” vote on retention in office.

Performance Findings

The Council conducts a thorough performance review of each judge standing for retention. Key findings for Judge Roetman include:

  • Ratings by justice system professionals: Attorneys and law enforcement officers who appeared before Judge Roetman gave him good reviews, as did court employees. The chart shows the survey ratings received by Judge Roetman.
  • Ratings by jurors: Jurors who served in trials before Judge Roetman during 2018 and 2019 rated him 4.8 overall on a five-point scale. One juror commented, “He did a great job! Very respectful and courteous.”
  • Professional activities: The Council’s review of Judge Roetman’s professional activities showed exceptional contributions to his community and to the administration of justice. Judge Roetman served as Presiding Judge of the Second Judicial District, handling administrative matters for the courts in the Second District. He was active on several court system committees, including the Criminal and Civil Rules Committees, the Access to Justice Committee (a group that address the array of justice needs Alaskans face), and the Court Security Committee. He regularly gave presentations to students from Kotzebue and surrounding villages. He worked with local mental health professionals to ensure they understood the legal process for mental health commitments, and he issued an administrative order making it easier for local tribal courts to interact with the state court system.
  • Other performance indicators: The Council’s review of other performance indicators, including Judge Roetman’s financial and conflict of interest statements, disqualifications from cases, and appellate reversal rates, raised no performance concerns.
  • Timeliness: Alaska law requires judges’ pay be withheld if a decision is pending longer than six months. The Council verified that Judge Roetman was paid on schedule, and he certified that he had no untimely decisions.
  • Ethics: There were no public disciplinary proceedings against Judge Roetman, and the Council’s review found no ethical concerns.

Judge Roetman’s Statements to the Public


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