Civil Case Resolution Information

The Civil Case Resolution Information form listed below must be submitted upon the resolution (whether by dismissal, settlement, final judgment, etc.) of most civil cases in Alaska state courts. See AS 09.68.130; Civil Rule 41(3); Appellate Rule 511(e).

The only excluded civil case types are:

  • divorce and dissolution;
  • adoption, custody, support, visitation, and emancipation of children;
  • children-in-need-of-aid cases under 47.10 or delinquent minors cases under 47.12;
  • domestic violence protective orders under AS 18.66.100-18.66.180;
  • estate, guardianship, and trust cases filed under AS 13;
  • small claims under AS 22.15.040.
  • forcible entry and detainer (FED) cases
  • administrative appeals; and
  • motor vehicle impound/forfeiture actions under municipal ordinance.

Civil Case Resolution Form - Fill in and submitted via the Internet

A confirmation page can be printed for each case submitted.

Civil Case Resolution Form - Download in .pdf format

The information collected in this form is confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of compiling statistics and summaries in a manner that does not allow the identification of particular cases or parties. AS 09.68.130(b).