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Commission Recommendations

List of Recommendations Since Inception

No. Recommendation Date of Vote Action taken? Result View
4-2021 Do not adopt a statutory definition of recidivism 5/25/2021 N/A   .pdf
3-2021 Sustain reentry funding 5/25/2021 N   .pdf
2-2021 Sustain and enhance vocational programming efforts at DOC 5/25/2021 N   .pdf
1-2021 Enable virtual inreach for incarcerated persons 3/11/2021 N   .pdf
11-2020 Create the Criminal Justice Advisory Taskforce 12/3/2020 Partial Bill introduced (HB 183, 2021) .pdf
10-2020 Enact a second look parole provision 9/10/2020 Partial Bill introduced (SB 114, 2021) .pdf
9-2020 Establish victim coordinator positions in the Department of Law 9/10/2020 N   .pdf
8-2020 Enable law enforcement and victim advocate collaboration 9/10/2020 N   .pdf
7-2020 Create a public awareness campaign for victim services 9/10/2020 N   .pdf
6-2020 Make bail conditions accessible to law enforcement officers 9/10/2020 N   .pdf
5-2020 Allow computer access for incarcerated persons 9/10/2020 Partial Bill introduced (HB 118, 2021) .pdf
4-2020 Increase funding for CIT training 9/10/2020 N   .pdf
3-2020 Support the development of the Crisis Now model 9/10/2020 N   .pdf
2-2020 Do not hold civil detainees in correctional facilities 8/27/2020 N   .pdf
1-2020 Draft a resolution regarding Medicaid coverage 1/30/2020 N   .pdf
7-2018 Develop crisis stabilization centers 9/24/2018 N   .pdf
6-2018 Expand crisis intervention training efforts 9/24/2018 N   .pdf
5-2018 Expand data sharing among agencies to improve behavioral health outcomes 9/24/2018 N   .pdf
4-2018 Revise GBMI Statute 4/23/2018 N   .pdf
3-2018 Enact redaction statutes 4/23/2018 N   .pdf
2-2018 Clarify that the Commissioner of DHSS should be a voting member of the ACJC 2/6/2018 N   .pdf
1-2018 Enact an A Felony-level MICS 2 statute 1/12/2018 N/A Recommendation rendered moot by HB 49 (2019) .pdf
20-2017 Resume clemency process 12/7/2017 Y Governor’s office and parole board have put new procedures in place and resumed taking applications .pdf
19-2017 Enact vehicular homicide and related statutes 10/12/2017 N   .pdf
18-2017 Take successful SIS and Minor Consuming (and related) cases off of CourtView 10/12/2017 Partial Referred to Supreme Court .pdf
17-2017 Amend the three-judge panel statute 8/23/2017 N   .pdf
16-2017 Use the highest of the two risk assessment scores for pre-trial release decisions 8/23/2017 Y DOC has adopted this procedure .pdf
15-2017 Shock incarceration shoudl not be used for SEI 2/23/2017 Y Included in SB 55 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
14-2017 Technical fixes to SB 91 1/19/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) or SB 55 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
13-2017 Fix a drafting error in SB 91 regarding victim notification 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 55 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
12-2017 Clarify which defendants shall be assessed by the Pre-Trial Services program 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
11-2017 Reconcile the penalty provisions for DUI and Refusal 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
10-2017 Require courts to provide certain notifications to victims if practical 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 55 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
9-2017 Clarify the length of probation allowed for first- and second-time Theft 4 offenders 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
8-2017 Ensure that sex offenders are required to serve a term of probation as part of their sentence 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
7-2017 Clarify the law so that people cited for Minor Consuming Alcohol may participate in the Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP). 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 55 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
6-2017 Enact an aggravating factor for Class A misdemeanors for defendants who have one prior conviction for similar conduct; would allow a judge to impose a sentence of up to 60 days 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
5-2017 Enact a presumptive term of 0-90 days for Class C Felonies for first-time felony offenders 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017), modified .pdf
4-2017 Revise the sex trafficking statute to clarify the intent of that statute and define the term “compensation” 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
3-2017 Amend the “binding provision” of SB 91 to allow municipalities to impose different non-prison sanctions for non- criminal offenses 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
2-2017 Increase the penalty to up to 10 days in jail for an offender’s third Theft 4 offense 1/27/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017), modified .pdf
1-2017 Return VCOR to misdemeanor status, punishable by up to 5 days in jail 1/19/2017 Y Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017) .pdf
9-2016 Title 28 reoprt 11/29/2016 N   .pdf
8-2016 Restitution report 11/29/2016 Partial HB 216 (Enacted 2018) addressed part of one recommendation .pdf
7-2016 DHSS should review the proposed statutory changes recommended in the UNLV report and report back to the Commission on its findings in September 2017 10/13/2016 Y DHSS delivered a report at the August 23 Commission meeting .pdf
6-2016 Include the Commissioner of the Department of Health and Social Services on the Commission 10/13/2016 Partial Included in SB 54 (Enacted 2017); DHSS Commissioner made a non-voting member .pdf
5-2016 Include behavioral health information in felony presentence reports 8/25/2016 N   .pdf
4-2016 Enact a statute for a universally accepted release of information form for health and behavioral health care service providers 8/25/2016 Partial No statute enacted, but a DHSS committee is working on this .pdf
3-2016 Allow defendants to return to a group home on bail with victim notice and consent 8/25/2016 N   .pdf
2-2016 DOC should establish a voluntary pretrial diversion program 8/25/2016 Y DOC applied for a grant for a pretrial diversion coordinator .pdf
1-2016 Add two new mitigators for sentencing offenders who have accepted responsibility for their actions 10/13/2016 N   .pdf
6-2015 JRI package 12/10/2015 Y Included in SB 91 (Enacted 2016) .pdf
5-2015 Amend the SIS statutes 10/15/2015 Y Included as the SEI provision in SB 91 (Enacted 2016) .pdf
4-2015 Amend the Community Work Service (CWS) statute to convert any unperformed CWS to a fine, rather than jail time 3/31/2015 Y Included in SB 91 (Enacted 2016) .pdf
3-2015 Alaska Court System should provide ongoing judicial education on evidence- based pre-trial practices and principles 3/31/2015 Unknown Unknown .pdf
2-2015 Invite technical assistance from Pew Justice Reinvestment Initiative and Results First Initiative 2/24/2015 Y Invitation sent and technical assistance provided .pdf
1-2015 Enact a waiver for SNAP (food stamp) ban for people with felony drug convictions 1/23/2015 Y Included in SB 91 (Enacted 2016) .pdf

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